New Podcast Episode, Featuring Cecilia Müller Torbrand

A new episode of KickBack: The Global Anticorruption Podcast is now available. In latest episode, host Liz David-Barrett interviews Cecilia Müller Torbrand, the CEO of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), a network of shipping businesses that has been working to address corruption risks in the maritime industry. Ms. Müller Torbrand explains how MACN has succeeded in framing its messaging around trade and commerce to engage government and the private sector in anticorruption work, and she also discusses how MACN has compiled extensive data on corruption incidents and risks in the sector, and how the organization uses that data to push for change. You can also find both this episode and an archive of prior episodes at the following locations: KickBack was originally founded as a collaborative effort between GAB and the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network (ICRN). It is now hosted and managed by the University of Sussex’s Centre for the Study of Corruption. If you like it, please subscribe/follow, and tell all your friends!