Announcement: The GAB Network Initiative — Connecting Students and Faculty

One of our objectives here at the Global Anticorruption Blog is to promote more dialogue and exchange, not only among anticorruption professionals, but among the university students who will be the leaders of the next generation of anticorruption researchers, activists, and reformers. To pursue that end, GAB is pleased to announce the launch of the GAB Network, a group of affiliated university student organizations and classes from around the world who are interested in engaging in online discussions and debates about the topics covered on this blog. In addition to providing a platform for these online discussions, GAB will feature occasional guest posts showcasing research conducted by GAB Network member groups.

You can read more about the network and see a list of current participants here. If you are a university student or faculty member interested in learning more about participation in the GAB Network, please contact us.

2 thoughts on “Announcement: The GAB Network Initiative — Connecting Students and Faculty

  1. Great initiative. Congratulations Mathew.
    Today I started an anti-corruption course “Global Corruption, Good Governance and UNCAC” at the School of Governance, LUISS (The Free University of Social Sciences) in Rome, Italy with students from France, UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy. The course has 10 modules and a final topical paper. I asked the student to join GAB and participate in it.

    Regards from Rome (sunny and warm)

    Ugi Zvekic

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