GAB Network

The GAB Network seeks to promote international dialogue and debate among university students and faculty working on anticorruption topics, whether in the context of courses, student organizations, or research projects. Participating members may use GAB posts as starting points for ongoing on-line discussions about developments and controversies in anticorruption research, and GAB will feature occasional guest posts presenting research conducted by GAB Network member groups. If you are a university student or faculty member interested in learning more about participation in the GAB Network, please send us a message using the contact page.



Universidad Austral, Facultad de Derecho, Center for Law & Development

Faculty Advisors: Ignacio A. Boulin Victoria & Jorge Carlos Albertsen


Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (RUB), International Master’s Program in Criminal Justice, Governance, and Police Science

Faculty Advisor: Robin Hofmann


Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences, School of Sociology, Department of Criminology

Faculty Advisor: Dimitris Ziouvas


Free University of Social Sciences (LUISS), School of Governance

Faculty Advisor: Ugi Zvekic

People’s Republic of China

Peking University School of Transnational Law in Shenzhen

Faculty Advisor: Matthew C. Stephenson


University of the Philippines, College of Law, Student Organization for Law & Development

Faculty Advisors: Leandro Aguirre & Raul Pangalangan


University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law

Faculty Advisors: Ugi Zvekic, Ivana Krstic & Rada Vasic

United States

Washington & Lee University School of Law

Faculty Advisor: Thomas H. Rice