Transparency International Ukraine’s Call on International Companies to Stop Working in Russia

Transparency International’s Ukraine Chapter (on whose Board I serve) recently posted the following message on its social media accounts, which I am reposting here:

📢 We call for international companies to stop working in Russia and stop financing the war in Ukraine.
Economic sanctioning of Russia is already imposed by governments of the EU, US, Canada and other countries. However, fighting Putin’s aggression is not only the matter of national governments. International businesses have to make their contribution.
☝️ Every tax penny that international companies pay to the Russian budget costs Ukrainians lives. This money is being spent for weaponizing the Russian army, which attacks both Ukrainian military and civilians.
😢 Over four days 352 civilians were killed, over 1600 wounded. Russians hit apartment buildings, daycare facilities, buses with civilians and ambulances. Hundreds of thousands of people are forced out of their homes to stay alive.
Supporting the russian regime is unacceptable for companies that value human lives.
Facing financial risks connected with dismissal of the Russian market is nothing in comparison with reputational losses.
🙌 You can also tell businesses that you are against their work in Russia!
🔹 We prepared a list of well-known companies so you could address them publicly
We will update it
🔹 And with regard to some of the companies, we have explicitly explained how doing business in Russia affects the civilian population
🔹 Select the company that you would like to appeal to and tag it in posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. For example,
@CompanyX, your taxes in #russia goes for the shelling of civilians in Ukraine. It’s time to stop doing business there, isn’t it?
Templates of the text for such posts you can find here:
The more people we are, the louder our voice is! Join us💪

1 thought on “Transparency International Ukraine’s Call on International Companies to Stop Working in Russia

  1. This is an important call to action, and it is certainly a proper statement for TI to make. Thank you for reproducing it here. One question it raises for me is whether there are any current efforts to track potential corruption in the security sector on both sides of this conflict, especially as material support floods in from the West to aid the Ukrainian resistance. It will be difficult to track in the fog of war, but I imagine this will be an important area for anticorruption advocates to investigate in the aftermath of this conflict.

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