Guest Post: Special Journal Issue on Corruption in the Developed World

Today’s guest post is from Fabrizio Di Mascio, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Turin.

Much of the discussion of the corruption problem focuses on developing countries. This focus is understandable, given that corruption is a much more pervasive, or at the very least more visible, in the developing world. Indeed, some have suggested that corruption will tend to disappear as countries become wealthier and as democratic institutions are consolidated. Yet while it may well be that (crude) corruption tends to decline as countries develop, the evidence suggests that corruption remains widespread in developed countries, including mature democracies. To better understand both the characteristics of corruption in the developed world, and the mechanisms that might help combat that corruption, the open-access academic journal Politics & Governance recently published a special issue (which I co-edited) on “Fighting Corruption in the Developed World: Dimensions, Patterns, Remedies.”

After an introductory editorial, the special issue includes eight articles, all of which are available for download for free:

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