New Podcast, Featuring Leonor Ortiz Monasterio and Miguel Meza

A new episode of KickBack: The Global Anticorruption Podcast is now available. In this episode, I interview Leonor Ortiz Monasterio and Miguel Meza of the Mexican civil society organization Mexicanos Contra Corrupcion y la Impunidad (MCCI) (“Mexicans Against Impunity and Corruption). They describe how MCCI works to fight corruption in Mexico, and critically evaluate the anticorruption efforts of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known as AMLO), who ran in large part on an anticorruption platform, but whose approach to anticorruption during his first year in office has been met with significant controversy.

You can find this episode, along with links to previous podcast episodes, at the following locations:

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2 thoughts on “New Podcast, Featuring Leonor Ortiz Monasterio and Miguel Meza

  1. Thank you for this wonderful interview; it perfectly captures the complexities, hopes and contradictions of the AMLO administration’s anti-corruption agenda, and particularly the frustration among civil society actors at losing the narrative while simultaneously watching the weakening of institutional checks and balances. To get an idea of the levels of corruption and impunity that have plagued Mexico for decades, just look at yesterday’s story about the former minister of national security who was arrested in Dallas on charges of having taken millions of dollars from drug cartels (

  2. Very informative post on the complexities of governance by leaders who are elected on anti-corruption planks. I particularly enjoyed the discussion on the pros and cons of the “clean slate” approach, both from the policy and political feasibility angle.

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