New Podcast Episode, Featuring Debra LaPrevotte

A new episode of KickBack: The Global Anticorruption Podcast is now available. This week’s episode features an interview with Debra LaPrevotte. After a long and distinguished career with the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), where she specialized in asset seizure cases (among other things), Ms. LaPrevotte joined The Sentry, an international non-governmental organization that fights war cries and other atrocities in sub-Saharan Africa by “following the money”–shining a light on how kleptocrats and their cronies try to hide the assets that they amass from their illegal and exploitative activities. In the interview, Ms. LaPrevotte discusses here work on asset seizure at the FBI, her work on tracking and exposing kleptocratic assets for The Sentry, and her reflections and insights regarding broader controversies and policy questions related to the asset recovery and return process.

You can find this episode, along with links to previous podcast episodes, at the following locations:

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1 thought on “New Podcast Episode, Featuring Debra LaPrevotte

  1. Great podcast and a must for all, especially scholars studying corruption issues like the MA course at Sussex Centre for Corruption Studies, Sussex University (and elsewhere of course). It gives a great insight into the law-enforcement and DoJ role in identifying and recovering the proceeds of corruption. In the spirit of transparency I must also disclose Debs is a very good friend and former collegue of mine.. It’s also a very helpful insight into the issue rarely examined: the nexus between violent dictators and corruption. The great work of The Sentry, TI, Global Witness and many others helps draw a spotlight on this and I can vouch for what Debs said. Having worked with her on some of those cases it’s catastrophic, the violence and kleptocracy in South Sudan should embarass Western society as a whole. The world’s youngest nation, eight years old TODAY! 300K+ killed, thousands of woman raped as a weapon of war. President Kiir’s infant daughter was the director of one company in which his looted assets are held…….

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