Announcement: New Edited Volume on “Greed, Corruption and the Modern State”

Please forgive the self-promotion, but some of our readers out there might be interested in the new volume, Greed, Corruption and the Modern State, co-edited by Susan Rose-Ackerman and Paul Lagunes. (I said it’s self-promotion because I have a chapter in the book on the relationship between democratic electoral institutions and corruption.) The publisher’s information page is here, and the online e-book can be found here. Just to save interested readers a bit of time, I’ll list here the contents, with direct links to PDFs of the chapters:

2 thoughts on “Announcement: New Edited Volume on “Greed, Corruption and the Modern State”

    • Alas, I fear the PDFs of the other chapters are behind a paywall. I didn’t realize this because I think my institution has a subscription, so I’m able to download everything automatically. Apologies to you and others for not having realized this, and including a series of links that are probably blocked for many of you. The book itself is a bit pricey, but I’m sure you can get it from a library.

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