“The Global Movement Against Transnational Corruption” — Panel Discussion at Columbia Law School

Last month, the Columbia University Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity (CAPI)–a relatively new research and center headed by the superb Jennifer Rogers and Gabriel Kuris–organized a panel on “The Global Movement Against Transnational Corruption,” in collaboration with the Columbia Society of International Law. GAB was well-represented, as both Rick and I were able to appear, along with the distinguished attorney Steven Michaels of Debevoise & Plimpton, on a panel moderated by David Hawkes from the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency. For those who are interested, a video of the event is here. A quick guide to the prepared remarks:

  • Rick discusses the rarely-appreciated good news about the significant progress that has been made in the fight against transnational corruption (3:55-18:20 on the video).
  • Mr. Michaels discusses the existing legal architecture for addressing transnational bribery, along with trends in enforcement and corporate compliance (19:00-34:15).
  • I discuss legal tools that developed countries and international organizations can use for taking or encouraging more aggressive action against bribe-taking public officials (37:15-55:30).

I’m grateful to CAPI and the Columbia Society for International Law for organizing this event, and I hope some readers out there may find the video of the discussion interesting.

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