Updated Anticorruption Bibliography

An updated version of my anticorruption bibliography is available from my faculty webpage.  Now with over 3,000 sources!  A direct link to the pdf is here.  As always, I welcome suggestions for other sources that are not yet included, including any papers GAB readers have written.

2 thoughts on “Updated Anticorruption Bibliography

  1. Some general works on development address the issue of corruption and the baneful effects that it has on growth. I would mention those listed below as worth considering for inclusion in the bibliography:
    Professor Easterly, The Elusive Quest for Growth;
    Dambisa Moyo, Dead Aid;
    Professor Collier, The Plundered Planet;
    Professor Collier, The Bottom Billion.
    Professor Collier uses formulae to make his points, including, from The Plundered Planet, nature + technology – regulation = plunder, although plunder does not always mean corruption.
    Perhaps such titles are too general in scope but they do set corruption in a context and a prominent context.
    Professor Collier identifies Professor Easterly on the left, Professor Sachs on the right and presumably himself in the middle schools of development. These schools don’t have anything to do with the normal use of left, right and centre in political usage.

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