Event Announcement: IBA Mexico City Conference, May 12-13

For readers who might be interested, the International Bar Association‘s Anti-Corruption Committee (of which I am a new but enthusiastic member) is co-sponsoring a conference on “The Fight Against Corruption in Latin America: Implications for Lawyers” in Mexico City on April 12-13.  Looks like a terrific program, particularly for practitioners dealing with corruption risk management in the Latin American region. You can find out more information about the conference here.

1 thought on “Event Announcement: IBA Mexico City Conference, May 12-13

  1. Dear Matthew and friends of the Blog.- thanks for letting your readers know about this exciting event.
    This conference is organized by the IBA and the ICC Anticorruption groups. It looks for the best practices for lawyers, corporate counsels and government officers in the region. As Co Vice Chair of the first group and Chair of the second, i can tell you that we have really looked for a hemispheric vision with speakers from many countries, which will allow a really interesting insight of what is happening and what we should do in the region.
    You can find the spanish program on: http://www.int-bar.org/conferences/conf544/binary/LaLuchaContraLaCorrupcionMexico2014.pdf
    and the english program at http://www.int-bar.org/conferences/conf544/binary/AnticorruptionMexico2014_programme.pdf
    There will be simultaneous translation and last but not least we are very happy and proud that Matthew will be one of our keynote speakers!!!!! look forward to see you here. Mexico city is a vibrant and exciting place: I can assure you that.

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