The International Anti-Corruption Conference Should Alter Its Agenda To Address the Trump Situation

The 17th Annual International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) will be held next month (Dec. 1-4) in Panama. General information about the conference is here, you can register here, and the current agenda is here. Overall, it looks like a great agenda. But in light of the result of the US Presidential election–which, as I argued last week, is likely to have significant and potentially devastating effects on the global anticorruption movement–it was striking to me that not a single session (out of seven plenary sessions and over 30 substantive panels) focuses on the consequences of the US election for the global anticorruption fight and how the movement should respond.

This strikes me as a very serious oversight. I’m sure that many of the speakers on the existing panels will address this issue, and I also know that the process of creating the agenda was a long and laborious one. But the Trump presidency poses perhaps the single greatest threat to the progress that the anticorruption movement has achieved over the last 25 years, and the IACC–as the leading global forum for anticorruption activists and advocates–needs to address this issue head-on. I don’t know if we have any of the IACC organizers (or anyone with access to them) among our readers, but if we do, I implore you to create a special session, preferably one of the plenaries, devoted specifically to meeting this challenge.

5 thoughts on “The International Anti-Corruption Conference Should Alter Its Agenda To Address the Trump Situation

  1. I second this is very important suggestion!

    Among other things, the election may finally force those in the anti-corruption, human rights and business communty to work more closely together on high priority issues of common interest. This should be just the beginning of an evolving discussion geared towards building a broad based coalition, more effective monitoring and reporting mechanisms and more public protection for investigative journalists and advocates in the social media, human rights, anti-corruption communities, as well as for whistleblowers everywhere. I’m ready for the discussion. Are you?

  2. Instead I request the administrators of this site to have a special run on demonetization of Rs1000 and Rs500 currency notes in India as a way to fight corruption and black money. This is a unique experiment worth looking at. The media in India is washed with news stories – from hardship faced by common people due to lack of currency notes to the sacks of currency notes being burned. It will be an interesting debate to know whether this experiment will succeed to flush out black money, forgery and contain corruption in India?

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  4. It is very unfortunate development regarding the Panama IACC conference, no doubt. At present, Country Panama is the very accused one of off-shore money shelter house. Still IACC is sponsored by such an accused country. What ever may be the actual fact, the very anti-corruption movement must keep distance from accused as per the human moral feature from common sense.
    Corruption research must be influence free, if it is non-motivated or honest enough to eliminate the Corruption which is dragging this world to edge of WWIII. But such intellectuals are playing a smooth game in the name of anti-corruption movement. Peoples are dying in numbers around the world due to severe corruption and corruption turned wars. International intellectual and leaders are discussing corruption as isolated subjects, like lawyers’ play, business factors, government procurement policy etc.
    Have you think it will reduce corruption to check poverty ridden wars or economic devastation of world phenomenon?

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